GoCanvas Supports Mobile Databases for Mobile Commerce and Enterprise Apps

By James W Quigley on March 29, 2010

GoCanvas Supports Mobile Databases for Mobile Commerce and Enterprise Apps

Mobile Databases Support Product Catalogs, Sales Order Processing, UPC Barcode Scanning, Inventory, Customer or Patient Record Mobile Apps

Herndon, VA — March 30, 2010 — The Canvas mobile application service at www.gocanvas.com now supports mobile databases for mobile business apps. GoCanvas subscribers can now add lists of items to their GoCanvas mobile apps in order to further enable mobile commerce, route accounting, sales, service, inventory and health care applications.

Configurable Mobile Databases

Businesses and mobile professionals can now find GoCanvas mobile apps for smartphones, barcode scanners and netbooks that contain mobile databases of reference information. Mobile apps running on the GoCanvas cloud computing platform can be configured to look up customers, products, sales orders, work orders, invoices, patient records or other reference data useful for conducting business transactions outside of the office. Users of GoCanvas mobile apps can search or browse these databases by using drop-down controls or scanning barcodes.

Mobile Database Configuration with Canvas
Configuring an App to Look Up a Product Description in a Mobile Database

Any GoCanvas mobile app can be customized with a database unique to a subscriber’s business, with users having several paths to get their information into GoCanvas. A business manager or mobile professional can upload an Excel or CSV file to the GoCanvas web site, automatically creating a custom database that can used in a mobile app. Using this feature does not require specialized database administrators or specialized mobile software developers. GoCanvas also supports real-time integration with web services for enterprises with more advanced requirements and capabilities.

“I’m a field sales manager, and I’ve been able to configure a suite of mobile apps for our business that reference 15,000 customers and a product catalog of over 1,000 products.” said Phil McCarrell, Director of Retail Services at S&E Sales Associates. “We’re using these apps to merchandise product, process sales orders and replenish inventory for our customers. We use the GoCanvas service because it doesn’t require specialized software developers. We can configure our own apps.”

Mobile Commerce and Robust Mobile Apps for the Enterprise

With this service upgrade, GoCanvas now goes beyond mobile data collection to enable powerful mobile commerce applications. The service capabilities also address the needs of larger businesses and enterprise customers. Enterprise customers can now use GoCanvas for robust field mobility solutions in route accounting, field service, proof of delivery and custom mobile process automation.

Business Process Management with GoCanvas Workflow Tools
Configuring Mobile Workflow with Screen Conditions

Business process management is enabled with another new feature. App publishers can now create custom workflow with conditions for when to display certain mobile screens. For example, the mobile user may only see a series of survey screens if he is serving a new customer. If he is working with an existing customer, he may instead see the customer’s order history. These new features work in conjunction with any application built using the GoCanvas web site, along with any application found in the GoCanvas application store.

“I have worked with a number of mobile middleware and mobile application technologies over the last decade,” said Rob Frame, Solution Sales Executive at Data Capture Solutions. “I first started working with GoCanvas because it was so easy to configure custom solutions for my customers. Now I’m able to use GoCanvas for more complex apps that engineers needed weeks or months to build with other technologies. I’ve used GoCanvas to configure a mobile commerce app for a consumer products company, a field service app for a manufacturing company, and an inspection app for a safety company.”

About Canvas

Canvas (www.gocanvas.com ) makes it easy to publish data collection apps on wireless smartphones and other mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, bar code scanning devices and netbooks. GoCanvas reduces paper consumption, redundant data entry and excess process for businesses and mobile professionals. The GoCanvas software service enables mobile professionals to collect information using their mobile devices, analyze that data on the GoCanvas web site, and share information across their business community. GoCanvas also offers the first mobile application store (www.gocanvas.com/mobile-forms-apps) of its kind allowing business users to find mobile applications that work on a wide variety of mobile devices, with every application being customizable by GoCanvas users. Founded in October, 2008, GoCanvas Solutions, Inc is headquartered in Herndon, VA.


James Quigley