GoCanvas Subscribers Share Apps with Peers in the Application Store

By Michael Benedict on February 10, 2013

The GoCanvas Application Store continues to grow thanks to the generosity of our subscribers. These are folks who have developed unique apps they’re sharing with their peers. All personal and company information is removed, but the content of the app stays, allowing you to benefit immediately.  Here are just a few examples…but please note….there’s a healthy dose of randomness in what you’re about to read…a testament to the incredible diversity of Canvas’s subscriber base.

For our Contractors, there’s the Drilling Safety Audit Form that covers areas including general safety, utilities, material storage, fire protection, PPE, fall protection, equipment, tools, chemicals and more. For our friends in the Pest Control industry, download the Subterranean Termite Post Construction Treatment Disclosure that provides customers with critical pre-treatment information.

If your businesses is in the Services sector, you’ll want to download the Advertising Agreement Form that allows users to sign up for 12, 6, and 3 month contracts with various monthly rates. For those in the rental business, there’s the Trailer Rental Form that collects the renter’s information along with specific information such as the rental period, renter’s insurance and equipment – all from your mobile device. There’s also the French Med Spa Consultation Form which helps you capture the client’s personal information, reason for visit and medical history. I warned you this would be random…

My personal favorite is the Semi-Truck Service Inspection Checklist, because I’ve always wanted to drive something that’s larger than a house.  This app helps you document tire pressure and tread depth, upper and lower inspection items, fluids, filters and more i.e. everything a gearhead loves.

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