GoCanvas Subscribers Share Apps for Schools and Houses of Worship

By Michael Benedict on August 24, 2012
Tags: GoCanvas Application Store/Featured Apps

School and Houses of Worship Mobile Apps

GoCanvas subscribers continue to share their apps with the GoCanvas community in record numbers! We are thrilled to highlight two areas in particular where we’ve received a number of apps lately – schools and houses of worship.  These are apps that were formally paper forms that can now be accessed from a smartphone or tablet.  Best of all dear reader, the GoCanvas subscribers who had these apps converted have generously made them available to you.  So, if you work/volunteer in education and/or at a place of worship, think about going mobile for your data collection needs. It’s a lot more efficient than paper forms!

Here’s a quick sampling of the education mobile apps that were shared: School Building Cleanliness & Safety Inspection Checklist,  School Behavior Incident Report,  Media Equipment Checkout Form and  School/University Lockup Sheet. For houses of worship, download the Application for Ministry Association and Church Membership Form.  All of these apps can easily be customized to meet your organization’s specific data collection needs.  Think of these as a starting point – you can keep them as-is or change them completely.

We at GoCanvas want to make it super easy for anyone in any industry to go paperless. If you have a paper form you would like converted to an app (we convert the first one for FREE by the way), upload it HERE. You also get a 30 Day Free Trial.  So give it a shot! 

And consider sharing your apps in the application store! We always remove any personal and company information, and it’s a great way to help others go paperless.