GoCanvas Subscriber – Al Nelsen Wins GoCanvas Facebook Fan Tablet Competition

By James W Quigley on November 9, 2011

Al Nelsen Using iPad and GoCanvas at Home Improvement Store

As promised we have awarded one of our Facebook fans a brand new tablet.  Congratulations to Al Nelsen who chose the iPad 2 for his mobile device.  We asked Al to write up a little note on how he was using the service and show him using his iPad at work as he uses GoCanvas. 

“I found GoCanvas because of a need.  I needed to be able to quickly and efficiently submit call reports to my factories.  What I got was much more.

GoCanvas allows me to create my own templates edit and distribute them to the individuals on my team using all Smartphone’s OS Android, BlackBerry, IPhones and PC.  The flexibility of the multiple data fields has allowed for very rich reporting and information tracking.  I have created forms for almost everything in my business. The App creation tool is easy to use but like anything there is a learning curve. I have had several times that I have needed help on creating an app or needed a special feature.  I always get a quick and helpful response.  I have made requests for special features and was surprised to find out that they were already working on the improvement or would put it on the list but most of the time they already had the request or have a way to accomplish what I wanted.  I am looking forward to some of the new features that GoCanvas has announced I believe some will make the data distribution even more streamlined and effective for my team.
 Once my employees and I started using GoCanvas and submitting reports to our manufactures I started to get request from them to create and distribute applications for them and other Rep’s throughout the country. GoCanvas invited me to be a Sales Associate and I am now able to offer GoCanvas to them as well. As I did, the manufactures and reps that I have using GoCanvas all have started to expand beyond on what they originally intended for the application.  From DOT & maintenance logbooks, expense reports, inventory cycle counts, display registrations, special order forms, punch lists, project measuring are a few of the many things that GoCanvas allows us to do. I am a True Fan of GoCanvas  

If you are looking for the right solution GoCanvas can help. Try it out! It’s free.”

Al Nelsen
Nelsen Associates