GoCanvas Submissions in a Powerpoint, Word File, Excel Spreadsheet.  It’s all possible!

By andy adams on July 2, 2013

In March of this year we began a new business relationship with a customer (a mega beverage brand) who needed GoCanvas for retail Export Mobile Apps to Microsoft productsauditing – a pretty standard use of the app.  What they needed that wasn’t standard was a reporting tool that could export multiple submissions at a time…in PDF format.

Output options for GoCanvas submission data

The output tools GoCanvas provides out-of-the-box are the ability to view a single PDF, Export data from multiple submissions into a CSV file, or view a submission online.  Realizing that this additional output method could be useful for compiling reports in presentations, delivering them to external audit agencies, or other applications, our developers got to work.  The results were a tool that can be implemented, on an account by account basis, after a brief technical call and the use of our Custom PDF service.  This output compiles multiple PDFs from a specified date range into a single PPT file, and is incredibly useful for reports containing images.

In April, another company needed the ability to export their submissions as forms, but in a Word Doc rather than PDF.  Again, our product team rose to the challenge and provided a solution that is now available in our offering.  One of the key benefits of this output: the ability to edit past submissions.

If any of these outputs seem like something that could be useful to your business – or if you need a custom output method of your own – contact our sales team at sales@gocanvas.com; we’d love to hear how we can help improve your business processes.

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