캔버스 바위! Aussie Based Denist’s Office Engages Patients With GoCanvas on iPads in Korean

By Mike Squires on July 1, 2013
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캔버스 바위!

(Canvas Rocks!)


SmileBright Dental, located in an outer suburb of Brisbane Australia, is the latest dental practice using GoCanvas to make their clients visit as pleasant as possible. They even took it to the next level and offered a version in Korean. Dentists office in Australia Smile Bright Uses Canvas

Principal dentist Dr. Chang and his dedicated team are committed to providing the finest quality dental treatments

From the beginning, patients notice the Smile Bright difference.  Dental treatments occur while you relax in comfort, listen to your favourite music or watch a movie.

I asked Stacey Sinclair, the Front Office Manager, a few questions about their experience with GoCanvas. 

Stacey, what motivated you to seek a paperless solution with GoCanvas? 

We decided as a practice we wanted to eliminate as much paper usage as possible not only to decrease our carbon footprint, but to also save money. After researching different iPad apps and trying a few different ones out, I wasn't very happy with either the payment plans and cost or the difficulty to set up to forms the way we needed them. Then one of our team members mentioned she had used GoCanvas at a recent visit to a beauty therapist and it was very simple to use from a client point of view, so I researched GoCanvas a little and downloaded the app to give it a try.

Was GoCanvas easy to implement? 

Once I had a look at the templates on the App Builder, I found it extremely easy to set up all the forms exactly as we needed and it automatically syncs with all of iPads in the practice so everyone in the practice is using the exact same forms.

I noticed that you have been using Korean Language Characters on your Patient Information Forms.  How did the Korean script initiative evolve? 

Recently we have had a new dentist join our team, who also speaks Korean, which has seen an increase in Korean patients who have trouble reading and communicating in English. Having forms in Korean for those patients would make it a lot easier for patients and staff to communicate and obtain the important medical history we require for our records.

Where did you obtain the translation from? 

Our wonderful dentist translated all of our forms into Korean for me and I just copied them from the Word Document and pasted them straight into the App Builder. 

Do you plan on introducing any other languages?

We have a very multicultural patient base and are in the process of adding Mandarin and Japanese to our GoCanvas Apps.

Please describe the process between the GoCanvas Apps and the patient? Is it self-serve or do you assist in completion? 

Our team explains to our patients how the form works and leaves them to complete it; however, we are on hand for assistance if our patients need help.

 Do your Patients hesitate in using the iPads?

Most of our patients have been very receptive to using our iPads to complete the forms, but if they seem a bit apprehensive one of our team members will go through it with them.

Are the records obtained through the GoCanvas Apps exported to another system? 

All of the forms completed through our GoCanvas Apps are exported to our patient database and saved on each patient's file.

Do you have plans to expand the use of GoCanvas Apps?

At this point in time we are already using GoCanvas Apps for all of the medical history and consent forms completed within the practice, if in the future we acquire new forms or paperwork to be completed by patients we would definitely add them to our GoCanvas Apps. Not only has it cut down on our paper usage, saving money on paper and printer ink, it has also eliminated human error with interpreting hand written patient details incorrectly.

Do you want to save time and money?

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