GoCanvas Releases New UX on Apple iOS – It’s a Beautiful Thing!

By James W Quigley on September 11, 2012

“We believe that by helping organizations, groups and individuals dynamically share their experiences, the data they collect it radically transforms how we all connect.”


GoCanvas is excited to announce that we have just released a major update to the GoCanvas Smart Client on iPhone and iPad. This means that you will see a number of dramatic new improvements such as:

  • A dramatic improvement to the look and feel, including the new GoCanvas branding and logo. 
  • A progress bar to let our mobile subscribers know where they are in their application
  • An improved navigation bar with just one button NEXT. The rest of the buttons are now under Menu. 
  • Improved controls that give visual cues what type of entry each field is, e.g. Signature Capture, Image Capture etc..
  • The GoCanvas app listing now includes icons that can be customized. We are very excited about this feature!
  • An improved synchronize button to more easily upload data and download new apps- it will tell you when you last synched your data and apps.
  • And some other gems, this is just the start. 


GoCanvas will be releasing this upgrade to Android OS next and between now and the end of the year we will have many new features on the mobile side that will continue to make GoCanvas easier, more elegant, and more powerful. 


New Apple GoCanvas UX

Thank You for your continued open feedback and ongoing comments. GoCanvas continues to grow near exponentially and we will continue to be very focused on our subscriber community in delivering passionately on our Why Statement.