Release Notes: “OR” Conditions, International Dates, Big BlackBerry Update and More…

By Joe Baldwin on January 10, 2012


  • Send Us Your Forms: we have now added the ability for you to upload an existing paper form that we will convert into a mobile app. For more info click here
  • “OR” Screen Conditions: We now support the ability to use “OR” when setting up your conditional screens

For more info on using conditional screens click here

  • Date Formatting: GoCanvas now supports the ability to define the format of a date control to be “MM/DD/YYYY” or “DD/MM/YYYY” or “YYYY/DD/MM” by clicking the Advanced dropdown for a Date field and changing the “Style”



We have added a few new options to our BlackBerry Client………

  • Saving a partially finished submission

To save a partial submissions on your BlackBerry click the menu button and select “Save”

You will then be asked to name the saved submission

Once you have it named click the menu button again and select “Save” once more. You will now see an asterisk (*) next to the app indicating a saved submission

When you wish to complete the submission click on the app and you will see the name of the saved submission. Click the menu button and select “Select” on the highlighted saved submission or if you wish to start a new submission simply click the menu button and select “New”

  • Signature Capture (only for touch screen BlackBerrys)

Now you can add a signature control to your apps to collect signatures on the touchscreen. For more info on adding signature fields click here

  • Barcode Control

Now you can scan Barcodes with your GoCanvas app on your BlackBerry! Click here for more info on how to use the Barcode feature

*Note- this is only available on devices running OS6 and above (i.e. torch)