GoCanvas Provides A Quick Fix for Appliance Repair Company Using iPads

By kalliopi vlastos on August 8, 2011

Appliance Repair Company uses iPad with Canvas

A small Florida based appliance repair company has made the switch from
paper forms to digital apps with GoCanvas. The company’s technicians previously
collected site visit data on multi-part snap-set forms then reentered the data
into their system upon returning to the office. Now, the office administrator
has access to the information as soon as the technician clicks submit on his
iPad so he can bill the customer faster and move on to the next one.

The repair technician Work Order app takes full advantage of Canvas’s calculation and summary features.
Technicians use the app to calculate the service charge, repair price and tax of the visit while on site
so that he can focus on repairs instead of accounting. Before a technician
leaves, he captures a customer’s signature and emails her a copy of the work
order just completed.

GoCanvas makes it possible for businesses of all sizes
to go paperless for less. Check out the appliance applications available in our
expanding Application Store by clicking here.