GoCanvas Mobile Apps Save Disaster Relief Company from Paper Form Processes

By kalliopi vlastos on July 16, 2012

disaster relief apps

A company with a conscience — This organization's employees have traveled the country offering complete cleanup and restoration services to business and property owners for more than 28 years. Now they travel equipped with GoCanvas mobile apps on Android devices so that they can relay information quickly and efficiently to those at their company who need it.

With a nationwide catastrophe response, this Maryland based organization provides an essential service to the community in the wake of natural and man-made disasters such as Katrina and with such responsibility, comes a lot of paperwork. By replacing many of their paper-based forms and even undocumented processes with GoCanvas apps they’re able to stay organized as a field force though they may be spread far apart.

Following a disaster, this disaster reliever's services enable businesses to become operational as quickly possible and enable dislocated residents to return to their homes so it’s important that their data collection processes work as quickly and efficiently as they do. The company has built many GoCanvas apps on its own including apps to track materials and equipment, document vehicle inspections, capture warehouse inventory, dispatch drivers, and collect water loss data among others.

Using GoCanvas features like photo and GPS capture, list screens and reference data, they’ve customized a solution for themselves that fits their needs and their budget. Download your own disaster relief app from our Application Store today!

If you need assistance getting started, reach out to our sales team and we’ll help you become experts at app building just like the crew at this disaster relief company!