GoCanvas Mobile Apps: Peace of Mind at a Crucial Time

By kalliopi vlastos on November 3, 2011

Canvas Apps for Car Accidents

This past Halloween, I was rear ended on my way home from work. It was my scariest Halloween to date because I was totally unprepared for how to handle the situation. I wasn’t sure what information to gather, what I needed photos of, who to call, etc. Had I been thinking clearly, I would have simply downloaded the “Car Accident – Data Collection” mobile app from the GoCanvas Application Store on my mobile device.

The app first prompts you to capture your GPS location, then walks you through all the important information a person should collect after a car accident, including the other driver’s personal and insurance information, a description of what happened, Policeman name and badge number, witness accounts, and photos of the scene. When you’re finished you can simply email a PDF of the information gathered to all parties involved instead of scrambling for pen and paper.

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I’m making my whole family sign up for GoCanvas just so that they have this app if they ever need it. This is my shameless plug for you to do this same. Download the Car Accident Data Collection app and gain some piece of mind.