GoCanvas Launches Sustainability Apps for Real Estate, Transit Systems, the Film Industry and More!

By Michael Benedict on June 28, 2012

Green Mobile Apps with Canvas

Sustainability is a rapidly growing movement and is finding its way into mainstream industries. How comprehensive is your organization’s approach towards sustainability? If you’re a Green Builder, do you take into consideration regional & systems planning, perform environmental analyses and assess alternative approaches?  What is your sustainability plan from the design phase thru construction and even operations & maintenance? Don’t you love being asked lots of questions in a blog?  Is your head spinning? Well, GoCanvas is here to help!

We just launched 50 sustainability checklists that give you plenty to consider when assessing the sustainability of your project.   The new checklists cover a wide variety of industries (we didn’t want to leave anyone out) and include Sustainable Buildings, Sustainable Highways, and even Sustainable Tourism. Each of these apps consists of detailed checklists that you can easily modify to suit your organization’s needs.

Already have your own sustainability checklist (or any form, for that matter) that you would like turned into a mobile app?  Explore the Real Estate mobile templates within the GoCanvas Application store.

Still not sure about going paperless, even though you’re reading a blog about sustainability? You can try GoCanvas Free for 30 days when you Sign Up.