GoCanvas Launches Pre-Flight Inspection Mobile Apps: Cessna, Beechcraft, Diamond and Other Aircraft!

By Michael Benedict on September 21, 2012

Pre-Flight Inspection Aircraft Mobile Apps Canvas

Delta, United and Alaska Airlines (and many others) have had paperless cockpits for some time now.  GoCanvas wants to help those pilots who fly select airplanes built by Cessna, Beechcraft, Diamond, Piper, Bellanca and American Champion use technology to perform thorough pre-flight inspection checklists.  Imagine being able to use your tablet or smartphone to complete inspections and store those inspections in the cloud, where they can be easily referenced and provide valuable backup documentation.

No matter what types of inspections you’re performing, whether for Normal Procedures, Abnormal Procedures, or Emergency Procedures GoCanvas has apps for specific aircraft models ready to download. And you can easily tailor these checklists as needed.

Check out the pre-flight checklists available for Cessna, Beechcraft, Diamond, Piper, Bellanca and American Champion aircraft.  To quickly find the pre-flight checklist for your specific aircraft, simply type your plane’s model number into the search box located in the GoCanvas Application Store.

All new subscribers to GoCanvas receive a free trial, so there’s no risk to try going paperless.