GoCanvas Launches Political Survey, Issues and Satisfaction Mobile Apps

By Michael Benedict on May 18, 2012

Political Mobile Apps with Canvas

This is the season!  America will hold its Presidential Election this year, and there are numerous issues, policies and philosophies at stake.  Surveyors and Pollsters of all stripes will be continually gathering the pulse of the nation on issues and candidates. That means a lot of paper will be wasted gathering people’s opinions and signatures. We think there is a much better way to capture the American public’s political mood.

Now dear reader, don’t think we at GoCanvas are trying to get political. We won’t potentially bore, alienate or gather unwanted love from you based on our views.  No matter where one stands on an issue or what candidate they support, GoCanvas simply wants to provide you with apps that help you get the feedback you need.  We just launched the following Political Apps in our Application Store: Political Satisfaction Survey, Comprehensive Issues Survey and Congressional Job Approval

We even have apps for the state level.  Some examples include Job Approval – Governor of New Jersey and California Legislature Job Approval.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  “That’s just great, but I’m conducting approval ratings in Ohio, not California.”  That’s the beauty of GoCanvas.  You can easily customize any of these apps to meet your polling and surveying needs. These apps simply help you get your creative juices flowing.  You can even build your own app from scratch in minutes using our super easy App Builder.

The best part?  You can do all kinds of things with GoCanvas Political apps that take you way beyond paper, including sending real-time updates to your organization while you’re in the field.  You can even track exact locations where polls are being taken with our GPS locator, and upload photos and signatures of those being surveyed.  All data can be downloaded into Excel for immediate summarization and dissemination.

See all our Political Apps at Political Survey, Issues and Satisfaction Apps.  Happy Polling!