GoCanvas Launches Personal Cloud Service for Consumers and Businesses to Access Their Data History

By christina croll on April 15, 2013

MyCanvas enables service providers to send real-time digital copy of invoices and other data captured to an individual’s MyCanvas Cloud.

Reston, VA (PRWEB) April 15, 2013

Canvas, a global leader in mobile apps for businesses, today announced the launch of MyCanvas, a secure, personal data Cloud that provides consumers and business users with searchable access to important and useful data collected about them, their MyCanvasproperty or their business – ranging from a complete history of plumbing repairs made at a home to a business needing to organize invoicing information on services provided by subcontractors.

MyCanvas is unlike existing Cloud services or so-called “data lockers” that place the burden on the individual to manually enter information they want to store – a time-intensive and error-prone process. MyCanvas is a free Cloud service that removes that burden from the individual by providing a personal data Cloud where service providers who use GoCanvas mobile apps can securely store a digital copy of invoices, warranties, job estimates and other field data in real-time, and from any mobile device.

“Imagine you are selling your home and the prospective buyer wants to see a copy of warranty information for each appliance purchased over the past 15 years, or a history of roof repairs – data that belongs to you but to which you rarely have ready access,” said James Quigley, co-founder and chief executive office at GoCanvas. “MyCanvas enables any service provider to send in real-time from their mobile device a digital copy of documents to an individual’s secure, personal MyCanvas Cloud, where the individual can then easily search through and manage their data history.”

MyCanvas provides users with greater transparency into their data and allows for more efficient and collaborative interactions between individuals and service providers. This data applies to everything from automotive and home repairs to personal records and even business services rendered by subcontractors.

MyCanvas has several business-to-consumer and business-to-business applications:

  • Consumer – With the MyCanvas Cloud, a consumer has a single, secure location to search through a digital history of transactions, such as major purchase receipts, insurance information or school records.
  • Property – With the MyCanvas Cloud, an individual has ready access to their data on, for example, warranties, home repairs or rental agreements.
  • Business – With the MyCanvas Cloud, businesses can easily view a history of work that service providers, such as a pest control company, has done for a particular store location, and small businesses have an affordable, secure way to store and search data on work done by vendors and partners.

“I do work for an IT services company so I use MyCanvas every day to store files containing details of my billable time and details of the services I performed. Accounting then logs into MyCanvas to pull down my service records so they can bill our clients,” says Sebastien Rabouille of SerproTech.

GoCanvas has established itself as one the fastest growing mobile business app stores in the world, with thousands of organizations leveraging the GoCanvas app store to replace cumbersome paper forms with highly customizable mobile business apps that work on nearly every smartphone and tablet on the market. The firm’s app store now has several thousand ready-made apps to use or customize to an individual business user's needs, and GoCanvas also offers a do-it-yourself app builder toolkit that enables non-technical users to build mobile apps in minutes. Customers range from Pepsi Bottling Ventures and the Olympic Development Authority to local plumbers and grassroots organizations.

For information on how you or your business can sign up for MyCanvas, and a video on how MyCanvas works, visit https://www.gocanvas.com/content/mycanvas_providers

About GoCanvas
GoCanvas is an easy, fast and economical way for businesses to find, customize and create mobile apps to replace paper forms. GoCanvas is a cloud-based software service that enables users to collect information using mobile devices, share that information and integrate with existing backend systems. GoCanvas also offers the first mobile business application store of its kind, allowing businesses from diverse industries to find mobile apps specific to their needs. GoCanvas apps work on Android, Blackberry, BlackBerry Playbook, iPhone, iPad, and Windows mobile/desktop devices. Every GoCanvas app is customizable by the end user and can incorporate such functionality as GPS, image capture, barcode scanning, electronic signatures and access to business lists such as parts catalogs and patient records. To date, GoCanvas has automated millions of manual processes and replaced over 24 tons of paper for businesses, making it one of the fastest growing mobile app services in the world. To learn more, visit http://www.GoCanvas.com.