GoCanvas Launches Partnership with Ship Shape Consulting

By Michael Benedict on April 29, 2014

Ken Lindenberger cannot stand paperwork but he loves to be organized. As Founder and President of Ship Shape Consulting, a firm that helps maritime businesses stay compliant with safety regulations, he is all too familiar with the reams of paperwork involved with vessels of all classes. Ken was a very early adopter of GoCanvas – as he put it to me – “have you ever filled out a paper form on a boat?”

Ah, good point.

Photo credit: *Light Painting* via photopin cc

In addition to illegible handwriting and incomplete and lost paperwork, we can now add “damp” and “smells like fish” to the drawbacks of paper forms. Ken wants to transform his industry and bring compliance to an entirely new level, which is why he partnered with GoCanvas.

In speaking with Ken, it was fascinating to learn how all ships are required to have a Safety Management System.  Safety checks are required while you are at port and at sea. Vessels can be audited at any time, and failure to keep and document proper safety measures can lead to a ship being docked and even lawsuits. Here’s where Ken’s consultancy and GoCanvas come to the rescue.

Having been in the maritime industry for almost 30 years, he knows a lot of players around the globe he wants to introduce to GoCanvas.  However, he also wants to broaden the availability of maritime compliance mobile apps, so opened up the Ship Shape Consulting Application Store on GoCanvas.com.  His application store allows maritime businesses to quickly find and download critical apps like Work-at-Heights Checklist, Shipboard Maintenance Checklist, Ship Security Plan Checklist and much, much more. Crew members can now quickly document safety inspections right from their mobile device and know the information is safely stored in the cloud for quick retrieval.

Ken is another example of Canvas’s rapidly expanding Partner Program. Businesses in all fields that see the benefit of going paperless are partnering with GoCanvas to promote mobile data collection to their industries. 

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