GoCanvas Launches Partnership with Enterprise Management, LLC

By Michael Benedict on February 21, 2014

Enterprise Management works in a fascinating field. The Colorado-based consultancy utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to help utility companies (and others) obtain a unique view of their infrastructure. With GIS, you can view a map of your city and see – in addition to streets, parks and rail lines – the utilities infrastructure beneath the city. You might think that information is already known, right? Well, I live in a city where a water valve recently broke and flooded a major road, but no one knew the pipe existed. Turns out, it was installed well before the days of Prohibition, so GIS is something cities need, and hence where Enterprise Management (EML) comes to the rescue.

GoCanvas vs. Old School Forms at a Water Quality Assurance Lab

Jennifer Aboaf, a consultant for Enterprise Management, was recently approached by Cherokee Metropolitan District, a utility client in Colorado Springs, who wanted to mobilize their inspection forms. During a routine meeting, they handed her a stack of forms and asked how they could modernize their data collection efforts. Jennifer researched her options and ultimately chose GoCanvas, being impressed by the product’s capabilities and user-friendly design. She developed an organized set of applications for use at pump stations, water quality labs, wells, master meters, sewage treatment plants and other facilities operated by the utility.

For the pilot project, the client purchased inexpensive Samsung tablets and equipped them with wireless hotspots. Then, operators began testing them in the field, entering the numerous readings, gauges and observations necessary to keep clean water flowing and wastewater treated. Field techs are excited to use their new tablets, and after initial testing is complete, will permanently replace their clipboards with GoCanvas. Overall, nearly 50 facilities, accounts and locations are covered by the new apps, with thousands of values submitted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Operators were especially impressed by the ability to receive reports emailed to them, or their supervisors, documenting their work.

GoCanvas helping inspect the facilities at the Booster Station.

Eventually, Cherokee Metro may extend their GoCanvas applications to cover maintenance operations, work orders, hydrant inspections and customer service dispatch.

Jennifer and her team at Enterprise Management are promoting GoCanvas to other clients, and are planning to present at the Special Districts Association (SDA) Conference in Keystone, Colorado.

They are also excited to partner with GoCanvas. Their partnership allows them to build and deploy custom apps for clients, providing time sensitive and relevant solutions to their clients’ needs. “We enjoy helping clients not only with their GIS needs,” commented Aboaf, “but also with new technology to gather, transmit and act on data much quicker. GoCanvas is a great tool to facilitate that.”

Learn more about Enterprise Management and how they serve clients’ GIS mapping, analysis and field data requirements. To learn more about Canvas’s Partner Program, click Here