GoCanvas Launches NIFC Military Job Tasklist Apps

By Michael Benedict on December 14, 2012

Canvas Launches Fire Equipment Incident Inspection Apps

The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) provides checklists of job functions and task for military personnel who assist federal wildland fire agencies in their firefighting efforts.  These checklists include very detailed tasks and helpful hints for various positions, and are designed to make sure you and your unit understand what is required of each member.  These lists should be consulted on an ongoing basis.  And now, GoCanvas makes these lists more accessible than ever by having them right on your smartphone or tablet – so no matter where you’re located – whether remotely or at the base, they are at your fingertips.

Here is just a sampling of the checklists available: Aviation Safety Officer (ASO) Tasklist, Pilot-in-Command (PIC) Tasklist, Military Operations Officer MOO Tasklist and many, many more.

You can download for FREE all 30 of the NFIC Military Job Tasklist from the GoCanvas Application Store.  The lists you complete are stored in the cloud, meaning you always have access to them from any secure web browser. This is a great way to confirm your unit is consistently staying on top of their responsibilities.

GoCanvas makes it simple and straight-forward for anyone to go paperless. You get a free trial, so there’s no risk to try going paperless.