GoCanvas Launches Mobile Apps For Neighborhood Watch Groups – Share Security Situations In Real Time

By James W Quigley on April 13, 2012

GoCanvas Launches Mobile Apps For Neighborhood Watch Groups – Providing a Way To Collect and Share Key Situations in Real Time From Virtually Any Smartphone or Tablet. 

These apps provide the user with the ability to instantly document events, capture pictures, GPS coordinates and other critical information and share with local police and other team members.  

Reston, VA: GoCanvas announced today the launch of its Public Safety Application Store.   The application store provides home owner associations, neighborhood watch groups and even schools vital tools to document suspicious activities.   With GoCanvas and these apps, you can  now document, right from your smartphone or tablet, suspicious activity reports that include descriptions, images and GPS location and send them immediately to your association and local police.

GoCanvas is taking neighborhood watch program’s reporting capabilities and accountability to an entirely Neighborhood Watch Mobile Apps Canvasnew level” said James  Quigley, CEO of GoCanvas.  He added “neighborhood watch programs, condo associations and  campus police are now under greater scrutiny to provide real data regarding suspicious activities. This goes well beyond the typical “Forms” you would fill out – you can collect other truly dynamic and critical information like pictures and location all in real time”

GoCanvas has assembled the new Public Safety Application Store in order to make implementation of a safety monitoring program available in literally minutes and at very low cost.  The apps available include a checklist for setting up a neighborhood watch program as well as activity monitoring apps like vehicle description, suspect description and even a suspicious activity log.  All of these apps can be easily modified by the user to fit your community’s specific requirements.

Given Canvas’s ease of implementation, anyone in a community watch group with a smartphone or tablet can monitor and report on activity, providing immediate feedback to the association and local authorities.  Canvas apps help neighborhood watch groups address key priorities of observation, awareness and reporting, providing local law enforcement with real time information to respond to neighborhood concerns.

GoCanvas is priced with the community in mind.  Mobile users can try the service for free, and ultimately pay for the service only if they actually need to fill out a form/app on a pay-as-you-go basis.  GoCanvas also allows users to build their own apps or search the GoCanvas Application Store or if subscribers can’t find what they need.

Visit the GoCanvas Public Safety Application Store today and sign up for a 30-Day Free Trial to immediately give your community the reporting, transparency and protection it needs and deserves.


About GoCanvas

GoCanvas has created an easy, fast and economical way for any business to find, customize or create their own mobile business apps.  These apps effectively remove paper based processes from nearly any organization’s, company’s or group’s work flow.   Canvas also reduces redundant data entry and excess processes for these very same businesses and mobile professionals. The GoCanvas software service enables mobile users to collect information using their mobile devices and share that information across their community and even with their customers and partners.

GoCanvas also offers the first mobile business application store of its kind, allowing businesses from diverse industries to find mobile applications specific to their business.  Because these apps are all built on GoCanvas, they work off the shelf on Android, Blackberry, BlackBerry Playbook, iPhone, iPad , and Windows mobile/desktop devices. Every GoCanvas application is customizable by the end user, and comes with GPS/location, image capture, barcode scanning, electronic signatures and accessibility to a customer’s own data like parts catalogs and patient records. To date, GoCanvas has automated over 600,000 manual processes/paper forms, making it one of the fastest growing mobile app services for businesses.  Signup today for a free trial.