GoCanvas Launches Inspection Mobile Apps for John Deere Construction Equipment

By Michael Benedict on October 1, 2012

John Deere Paper Forms to Mobile Apps

Heavy construction equipment is expensive.  Just out of curiosity, I priced a nice, low-hour 2004 excavator and found one for $129,000.  It was a big model – one of those kind you can take down a shopping mall with during your lunch hour.  When you’re spending that kind of money – even if you’re just renting – you better take good care of it.

GoCanvas wants to help you keep your construction equipment running smoothly.  So if you’re wondering after how many hours of using that loader you have to check the parking brake oil level, grease the loader linkage and cylinder pivots, or change the differential fluid, now you’ll have that information right in the palm of your hand.  No more cumbersome paper checklists that you can’t find.  Now you can inspect your specific model number right from your smartphone or tablet.  Seriously.  All you have to do is search your construction equipment’s model number HERE, download the checklist right onto your smartphone or tablet and start inspecting immediately. All your inspections are stored in your account, so you can always reference them and demonstrate you’ve done your due diligence to take care of the equipment.

There are now inspection checklists for John Deere Loaders, Excavators, Backhoes, Dump Trucks and Knucklebooms.  You can view all the John Deere checklists by clicking HERE.  All new subscribers to GoCanvas receive a free trial, so there’s no risk to try going paperless. Keep that big construction equipment running smoothly, right from your smartphone or tablet.