GoCanvas Launches Fire Equipment Incident Inspection Apps

By Michael Benedict on December 9, 2012

Canvas Launches Fire Equipment Incident Inspection Apps
Available immediately in the GoCanvas Application Store are Fire Equipment Incident Inspection apps that cover a wide variety of equipment. These inspections can be used for both pre and post incidents, although inspections tend to be done after an incident, to confirm all required items are restocked and everything is in good working order.  These apps detail, in part, areas where improvements need to be made, so deficiencies are documented and can be rectified.

Here are just some of the incident apps available: Gray Water Truck Inspection, Pump Cat Inspection, Softtrack Heavy Equipment Type 1 Inspection, Excavator Heavy Equipment Inspection and Fuel Tender Inspection.

You can download for FREE all 22 of the Fire Equipment Incident Inspection Apps from the GoCanvas Application Store.  The best part? The information you fill out from these incident apps are stored in the cloud, meaning you always have access to them from any secure web browser.

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GoCanvas makes it simple and straight-forward for anyone in the fire prevention industry to go paperless.  You get a free trial, so there’s no risk to signing up today.