GoCanvas Launches Farm Inspection Checklist Mobile Apps

By Michael Benedict on July 18, 2012

Farming Agriculture Mobile Apps with Canvas

GoCanvas has launched a series of mobile app inspection checklists for different kinds of farms, farm equipment and even farm facilities. These comprehensive checklists help ensure your farm and its components are in good order.  GoCanvas has inspection checklists for Tree Farms, Orchards, Dairy Farms and farms with Livestock.  These checklists cover a wide range of areas for you to inspect.  There are even checklists to help you with the general running of the farm, such as the Pre-Harvest Inspection, Dairy Inventory Form and Seasonal Farm Labor Camp Housing Inspection.

Our farm equipment checklists will also help you keep your equipment in good working order.  How are your combine separator grates?  How worn are the threshing elements?  Check these and many, many more combine components on a regular basis using the Combine Inspection Checklist. There is also the Farm Equipment Inspection, Cleaning & Maintenance Checklist and Motor Grader Inspection.  Does your farm equipment need servicing?  Check out the Farm Equipment Work Order by Deluxe.

Canvas’s Application Store has dozens of app templates to help get your farm paperless.  You can see our entire selection of farm apps in our Agricultural Application store. We also have a selection of apps designed just for Dairy Farmers too.

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