GoCanvas Launches Daycare Apps

By Michael Benedict on May 2, 2012

Child care and Day Care Mobile Apps

There are so many challenges in running a daycare, from parents coming too early or too late, sick children, children who go wild once mom and dad are out of sight, to broken toys, spills, etc.  And on top of all that, you have to fill out paper work. Not just a few forms, but a TON of forms. To be honest, we at GoCanvas were totally surprised by how many forms are required to run a daycare facility.  We know, you dear reader, are rolling your eyes at our cluelessness. That said, we decided to make your life a little bit easier.  If you can’t find a pen or your handwriting’s shot for the day because you’ve been wiping snot off  kids faces or that long intake form you were filling out has freshly squeezed juice spilled on it, have we got a solution for you.

Starting today, GoCanvas has launched the Daycare Application Store.  It’s packed with over 75 apps that cover almost every document you need to run your daycare.  The store has everything from Acceptance Forms to Activity Authorizations to “All About Me” Profiles.  And there’s more – for those times when little Johnny tries to paint the cat, there’s the Discipline Statement.  And for those parents who want to know all the details about their child’s day, there’s the What I Did Today app.  For more serious situations, there are the critical Emergency Contact, Transport & Treatment apps.  All of these can be easily customized to meet your Daycare’s requirements.

Running a Daycare is a very serious business. With GoCanvas, all the ‘forms’ you complete on your mobile device are permanently stored in the cloud. This means every record you complete with GoCanvas is securely stored and readily available from any web browser.  No more hunting through file cabinets or desk drawers.

If for have a need for something that’s not in our Daycare Application Store, we’ll convert your first form FREE. Simply upload it HERE.

New to GoCanvas?  Watch a quick 60-second video that explains our service.  You can Sign Up for a free trial (no obligation or credit card required).  You’ll get full use of the product FREE during your trial.