GoCanvas Launches Construction Equipment Rental Agreement Mobile Apps in Application Store

By Michael Benedict on August 19, 2012

Construction Equipment Rental Mobile Apps

When you rent a piece of construction equipment, you make sure to thoroughly check the equipment and explain the operating procedures to the customer. Your goal is to ensure that every customer walks away confident in the operation of this equipment, right? Well similarly, you need to ensure the rental agreement they’re signing is very clear, spelling out rental terms, pricing, etc.  For example, have you ever had a customer not return a piece of equipment because they thought you were picking it up?  Thought so.  You need to make it very clear who is responsible for delivering and picking up the equipment, among other things.  But have you noticed how time consuming and expensive it is to change your paper rental agreements? Ever wish you could tailor those agreements as you learn what works/doesn’t in the equipment rental world?

GoCanvas wants to make this paper-intensive process easier by offering templated rental agreements mobile apps. These apps can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your rental business. You can tailor them (in minutes, literally) to be general in nature or equipment-specific. Depending on the type of equipment you lease, GoCanvas offers a Nail and Fastener Equipment Rental Agreement, Trencher Equipment Rental Agreement, Welder and Torch Equipment Rental Agreement, and many, many more. There’s also a solid General Equipment Rental Agreement.  These and all our equipment rental mobile apps can easily be customized to fit your needs!

What if you already have a rental agreement you love? Would you like to fill it out on a smartphone or tablet instead of using ink and paper?  Signup today for a free trial. Get the rental agreements you want today by migrating to customizable mobile apps.