GoCanvas Kicks Off The “Send Us Your Forms” Program – Converting Paper Forms to Mobile Apps

By James W Quigley on March 1, 2011

Canvas converts paper forms to Apps

GoCanvas launches their “Replace Your Paper Form” campaign to convince businesses to drop their clip boards and pick up their smartphones and tablets instead.  GoCanvas is offering businesses to convert a company's paper form to a GoCanvas mobile app – Free of Charge.   Once converted to a GoCanvas Mobile App  the solution will automatically work on the industries largest array of Smartphones, Tablets and even Bar Code Scanning devices.   It's a great way to show companies the value of going mobile and going paperless.

GoCanvas is the first mobile business application of it's kind – allowing businesses the ability to go paperless


using the widest array of mobile devices.   Once deployed to a users mobile device they can start using their device like they would a digital clipboard.   Data collected is available in a number of different formats including: auto conversion and forwarding as a PDF, search and access via clients secure web based GoCanvas portal, downloaded into CSV/XML formats, integration using Canvas's off the shelf plug ins like Quickbooks as well as Canvas's open web services API for custom integration.  


Want to send GoCanvas your Forms for Conversion?  It's simple to do… and completely Free.

1) If you haven't already, set up a Free Trial for GoCanvas.  Click Here if you have yet to sign up for a free trial.
2) You can forward your first form to GoCanvas in one of several ways:
     a) Email:  Click Here and email us your form.  You can attach your form as a PDF, Image File, Word or Excel File.  You can even send us a web link to your form.  The only request we make is that the form is readable in detail in the format you send us.
     b) Fax: You can Fax Us Your Forms to 703-564-5578 – the form needs to be very legible in this format and please provide a cover page to your forms that includes the email address you used to set up your free trial account.  

It typically takes GoCanvas no longer than 72 hours to get your App built for you, and typical turnaround times are closer to 48 hours.  Join in the mobile application revolution today…!