GoCanvas is Man’s Best Friend: Pet Stores & Pet Food Distributor Go Mobile on Android Tablets

By kalliopi vlastos on September 13, 2011

Canvas Mobile Apps on Android

A pet store group and distributor of natural and organic pet foods has turned to GoCanvas as part of its mission to protect the environment. Additionally, GoCanvas has maximized their worker efficiency by reducing redundant data entry so the store reps can devote more time to their four-legged friends as well as the two legged kind who are buying their product.

Representatives of the pet store/products group, based in the western United States, use GoCanvas on Android tablets to gather pet owner information while on the road canvassing at various events. The retailer can now collect email addresses, document locations using the GPS feature, capture signatures for photo releases, and record information about brands that pet lovers favor. GoCanvas has far surpassed what the pet store reps previously achieved with paper forms.

With GoCanvas, transferring the data is seamless and easy so no time or paper is wasted. Interested in how your store can use GoCanvas to maximize efficiency? Check out the retail related applications available in our fast-growing Application Store. Click here to download one for free.