GoCanvas is Looking for More Abdullahs!  A Blog From A New Team Member – Life At A Start-Up

By James W Quigley on April 26, 2012

Abdullah Pathan - GoCanvas App Architect

Hello there my name is Abdullah Pathan and I am Canvas’ Application Architect, responsible for creating various apps for the diverse clientele involved in this startup company, such as yourself! I was asked how it felt being part of a startup company and wanted to share some thoughts of how it has been being a team member of GoCanvas!

When I was hired for the 1st week, I had various thoughts and ideas in my head of what I should be when I arrived for work. Small minimalistic tasks such as wearing professional clothing, addressing the authority properly, and the idea being an Application Architect and only an Application architect were on my mind. As expected when in a corporate employment. But little did that afterthought come to play when I realized that this was not the case at all.

It was my first opportunity I had ever landed which allowed flexibility and gave me freedom that I wouldn’t be exposed to in another corporate mindset.  When it came to sharing ideas, views, and opinions the team here is very supportive of what is done in the business, and aren’t hesitant to answer to any questions/comments/concerns reflecting our work. Something I have never expected in any other employment so far. Prior to this employment, I was always employed in a fixed position with the value of my voice reflected upon the employment position I possessed. It’s incredible to say, that I feel spoiled here! But I know what you’re thinking. Of course, that is what every company is doing and that is supposed to be done. And it is being done, but when it came to be part of a team, my position was not closed to just being an App Architect nor has there been a hierarchy of authority overwhelming you just for kicks, it is equal. I am a GoCanvas member and I love working here.

The culture here in GoCanvas has been a very open and accepting one. Revolving around the mobile business and oriented in the technology realm, you’d expect everyone to be techno-savvy and have every answer related to the mobile wireless market/technology world. But alas it’s a shame, I am not one of those people! But nonetheless it didn’t matter. Learning has never been faster, conversing with my coworkers and experiencing the work flow has kept me adept in the mobile world now!

Working here has been a blast, and I’m not just saying that since I was hired. It truly is a place of joy and opportunity to me. I have no idea if every startup company is just like GoCanvas, but I feel open and part of the team every time I step into the office. I feel that I have been in every part of the company’s involvement and scenarios. And it just gets more exciting and exciting every month for me. There are customers who are willing to have their app made specifically for their business and it’s a challenge. And I love it. It’s something I’m passionate about, as enthusiast in industrial design, I have been oriented in creating/designing products for the consumer. Apps that GoCanvas creates are similar in that context, a product aimed to simplify the user’s process of business, experience, and life.  It’s what makes me passionate about this job, knowing there are people interested in what results I could produce and how it affects their business. I guess that’s my passion of competition igniting in me! Oh well  I’m glad you’ve read my ranting thus far and hope to be in contact with you, whenever you need a mobile app to be built!

 With Kind Regards,

Abdullah Pathan
Mobile Application Architect