GoCanvas is Coming to Singapore!

By katie simpson on September 27, 2013

We’re excited to announce our Asia-Pacific Managing Director, Andrew Cantle, are coming to Singapore! No matter what industry your organization is in, whether biomedical, tourism, or construction we have an app for your organization. 


Whether you give tours of Singapore’s lush environment, or cruises to Ho Chi Minh City, you make it easy for people to enjoy this amazing city. From waivers to sign in forms, GoCanvas mobile apps will make the leg work even easier. No longer maintain files of waivers or do data entry: all your submissions go straight to the cloud.

Our app also allows you to give additional customer service. With our app, each submission gets a customized PDF.  Do your clients sign in? Use our sign in app and send each customer a customized PDF to their email with a photograph and thank you note. GoCanvas mobile apps not only save you time and money but also distinguish your service from the crowd.

Want to see how other tourism companies use GoCanvas? See how ATL-Cruzers expanded their southern hospitality with our app!


When trying to build whether residential or commercial, forms are a part of the business. GoCanvas mobile apps can help you run an even tighter ship. With automatic date and time entries, our apps will make your daily logs more accurate. Does someone come late? No longer does your foreman have to run back to his truck and pull out the paper form. Just whip out your phone and type the employee’s name in our app. With required time and date fields, GoCanvas automatically gives you the date and time.

In addition, GoCanvas mobile apps make inspections faster with dropdowns, and checkboxes. You can also gather more data than before. With GPS & photo capture, barcode scanning, and reference data know get more and better updates on your construction projects.

GoCanvas works with organizations around the world in a variety of industries, including in Singapore! Want to see how we’re working in this city already? See how Evtec gives their clients the best protection with GoCanvas mobile apps.


You hope it never happens, but preparing for emergencies keeps your biomedical company strong. With GoCanvas, maintaining operational integrity is easier and faster than ever before. Capture and relay information in real time, as well as gain more information from photos to GPS capture. With advance security features such as auto-log offs and email disabled, GoCanvas keeps your information secure.

Learn how Brookhaven National Laboratory used GoCanvas to successfully deal with operational emergencies.

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