GoCanvas Introduces User Dependent Reference Data

By Joe Baldwin on September 27, 2011

Reference Data and Canvas

Now GoCanvas offers organizations the ability to implement user dependent reference data – allowing our subscribers to upload data bases into their GoCanvas apps but then only allowing mobile users to only see their data.  This is great for health records where you only want a doctor/nurse to see their patients, or a sales person to just see their customers, a delivery person to see their route information or a real estate agents can see only their listings.

This feature is currently available on Android, Blackberry, OS,  Windows XP+ devices, and Windows Mobile.  To use this feature you first need to be using reference data.  For more information on using reference data check out this handy help topic:  Reference Data

The next steps are easy… you just need to add your users email address to the .CSV file for the data that is specific to them.   So in this case below add their email address (the one they log into GoCanvas with) into the original data file you are going to upload to GoCanvas and next to the data lines that you only want that user to see.

After you have uploaded your reference data and linked that data in our App Builder add a field for email, map to the column for reference data in your .CSV and under “advanced” you will see “System Default” click and select “Username” and map the rest of the fields as you normally would.

This is a powerful feature, but can be a little tricky.   Reach out to GoCanvas at Support@GoCanvas.com if you have any questions.