GoCanvas HVAC Apps Make Sure Temp Company More Efficient

By Jason Good on December 6, 2013

Sure Temp Company, Inc. of Binghamton, NY has been serving their community since 1977. They provide state-of-the-art HVAC energy solutions for everything from shopping malls and hospitals, to single-family homes and summer cottages.  After teaming up with Verizon and GoCanvas, they now use state-of-the-art mobile technology to streamline their organization, saving time and money.

Does anyone like HVAC paper work orders?  Technicians don’t like messy clipboards or filling out forms by hand. The office personnel struggle to read them, grind their teeth over forms not filled in properly, and take days and days to make it back to the office (if they ever do make it back)! Customers also struggle with illegible copies and holding onto them.

 Sure Temp had had enough.  Seeking a solution, their Verizon representative recommended GoCanvas. The rest is history. For over a year, they’ve been completing their work orders on mobile devices.  They also are doing estimates, inventory control, and replacement requests via GoCanvas on their mobile devices.

So now what does Sure Temp’s world look like? Data is cleaner and easier to read for everyone. Costs are calculated automatically in their estimate app, saving technicians time and improving accuracy.  A PDF is emailed out to both the customer and the office right away.  So not only are billing systems updated immediately, but also customers get easy to read and file forms too.  

Images of equipment that need to be replaced are also included in the PDF so there isn’t any question about what is being done.  Customer signatures are captured right on the mobile device and included in the PDF document.

Everyone wins.  Customers. Technicians. Office personnel. 3 brothers who own Sure Temp. And some trees out there are, too!

Richard Miller, co-owner and service manager of Sure Temp, says that “GoCanvas HVAC Apps have made all aspects of our service business more productive. The effect it has had on productivity has driven dollars to our bottom line.  We constantly look for other uses for GoCanvas. In fact, we modified our truck stocking routine this morning. Now our restocking program goes directly to a selected supplier.  The genius of simple.”

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