GoCanvas helps the Pape Group with the Heavy Lifting:  Heavy Equipment Company Rolls Out Mobile Apps

By andy adams on June 7, 2012

Pape Group Mobile Apps with Canvas

At GoCanvas we are always taking a keen interest in how our customers are trying to go paperless.  Recently Rod Elledge, a Web Developer at the Papé Group, offered to share his experience with GoCanvas and how we are helping him to go mobile.

“The Papé Group is primarily a heavy equipment dealership dealing in machines involved with construction, forestry, agriculture, warehousing, material handling, and trucking.  We sell and rent everything from the large earth moving equipment to Hyster forklifts and John Deere lawn mowers.  We also have a Papé Kenworth operation that is a semi-truck dealership.  We have 70 locations and approximately 1500 employees throughout 6 states in the northwest with the main office in Eugene Oregon.”

“The need for the web app originated out of our Papé Rents business.  Our salesmen are in the field generating customer reservation requests by sending emails to our sales coordinators at their respective stores.  Our coordinators became frustrated because many times these emails contained incomplete information. 

It was at this point we got the idea of creating a web app for our salesmen that they could access from their mobile device.  GoCanvas allowed us to generate that app very quickly.  Not only does it allow us to capture all of the information our coordinators need, the dropdown boxes and date fields allow our salesmen to fill out the form quicker than they did using email.  We have tied a store number dropdown to a set of email addresses so after the store number is chosen, the app knows which email address to submit the request to.  We currently have it installed on a variety of mobile phones and are in the process of deploying the same app on Galaxy tablets.”

We are excited to have helped Papé go paperless on their rental side, and equally excited to help them find new ways to increase their efficiency using GoCanvas in the future.  To find an app that will fit your company, visit our Application Store.  Or for a more custom app Contact Us for a free “Send Us Your Form”.