GoCanvas Helps Florida Company Break the Language Barrier With Mobile Apps on iOS/BlackBerry Devices

By andy adams on April 14, 2012

Language Services Company Deploys Mobile Apps

A Florida Linguistics Company has started using GoCanvas to automate their workflow on both iOS and BlackBerry devices.

The services this company offers includes translations, linguistics training, and interpretation. Traditionally, they have gone to customers, gathered information about the service they were providing, performed calculations by hand for costs, gone back to the office, entered this data manually, and then generated an invoice.  Now, they capture customer and job information, catalog service information, and generate customer’s bills all from their mobile devices.  By utilizing Canvas’s mobile forms, this company has been able to collect job information, create and distributed invoices in one simple step!

Through this functionality of GoCanvas, they have been able to eliminate time spent managing data and billing, and spend more time connecting organizations, businesses, and individuals through their service.

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