GoCanvas Helps Educate Future Medical Professionals: Mobile Apps Used on iOS to run Workshops

By andy adams on June 15, 2012

Medical School Using GoCanvas on iOS Devices

A Medical School located in Georgia has started using GoCanvas to help facilitate and run Educational Workshops. 

The primary goal of these workshops is to build competency in participants (including to students, program officers, staff, and residents) when applying Monitoring & Evaluation principles in various disease control and management programs.  Initially, the focus has been on educating participants on matters pertaining to HIV/AIDS.

The app is broken into modules, each having specific learning objectives.  The app provides an in-depth introduction to Monitoring & Evaluation by using practical information.  These principles help participants understand and integrate concepts, approaches, and methods into program activities at all levels.

When developing the concept for these workshops, the facility evaluated many different options for administration.  Ultimately they chose to go paperless and with the help of GoCanvas, ensuring the accurate, timely, and secure transfer of their data.  Another key factor in deciding to utilize GoCanvas as their solution was the capability for all submissions to be automatically stored and indexed on Canvas’s secure server.

GoCanvas is proud to help increase the proficiency of the medical community.  For your own app check out the Medical section in our Application Store, or Send Us Your Form for a more specialized need.