GoCanvas Goes Live in Amazon’s Mobile Application Store – One of the Launch Apps in Their New Store

By James W Quigley on March 30, 2011

Canvas Launches in Amazon App Store

GoCanvas launches GoCanvas Smartclient in Amazon's newly launched Android Application Store, one of the inaugural applications available in their new application  store.    GoCanvas provides just another way to download GoCanvas. 

The Amazon Appstore will run on Google’s Android Operating System , but unlike the general Android Market which does little to control the upload and download of apps, the Amazon Appstore will be curated by approvers to control the content and quality of applications within the Amazon Appstore.

“More importantly, the store represents the first attempt by a major retailer to offer a “curated” selection of Android applications for sale. That means the apps that stock Amazon's virtual shelves will be reviewed and tested. According to Amazon's rules, the apps must work properly and be safe, both in terms of consumer data privacy and the impact to the mobile device itself. In other words, it's a selection of mobile applications that won't slow your phone to a crawl or drain your battery. You can also stop worrying about whether or not an app is safe to use when it's downloaded from Amazon, as all will be screened for malware.” writes Sarah Perez from Read Write Web