GoCanvas Featured in iPadCTO – “3 iPad Tools That Can Turbo-Charge Your Business”

By James W Quigley on May 25, 2011

iPad CTO features Canvas

GoCanvas was featured today in the popular iPad CTO news and views site.  The piece features three iPad solutions that can help Turbo-Charge a Business.  

“Ok, so you have a business and you use a lot of forms. Your staff is always gathering data through notebooks, netbooks, and a few are even trying a few whacky approaches with their iPhones. Like many small businesses, you have few IT resources but you’d like to take advantage of the mobile revolution. What’s stopping you?

iOS and Android apps are not cheap, and your business uses many different types of forms in the field. Programming it all would take months and a stack of cash. GoCanvas for iPad (gocanvas.com)provides a framework for building mobile-optimized business forms. They also provide a bazillion [free] pre-made templates that you can choose from and even customize to fit your own business requirements… ”  to review the whole article and to learn more about iPadCTO click here.