GoCanvas Expands Its Application Store To Meet Growing Customer Needs – Passes 1000 Apps

By Michael Benedict on October 15, 2011

GoCanvas has been working hard to expand its Application Store to meet the needs of its customer base. In the last several months, we have added over 250 apps to our library.  We have greatly expanded our Construction, Education and Safety Inspection apps in particular, among other areas.

Educators – you can now download apps that help you set school SMART goals, perform classroom walk-throughs, monitor a student’s progress, assess teachers, record school misconduct issues and so much more.

For our contractors, we now have a full array of ENERGY STAR assessment apps, construction safety inspection apps and natural disaster damage assessment apps, which cover everything from earthquakes to hurricanes, which seem to be happening with greater frequency.

For those who perform inspections of any kind, you’re going to absolutely love GoCanvas.  Our inspection apps have exploded to include all kinds of workplace, school, hospital, farm and commercial kitchen safety inspections.  We’ve also added safety inspection apps for trucks, tractors and all kinds of forklifts. There are even inspection apps for their drivers too.  There are also a number of PPE apps as well.  

Click HERE today to peruse the new Apps for your organization.  If you don’t see an App for your industry or organization, please email me and I will personally respond michael.benedict@gocanvas.com.