GoCanvas Expands Canadian and UK Apps & Launches New Date Format Options

By Michael Benedict on January 14, 2012

Mobile Apps for Canada and the UK with CanvasGoCanvas has just expanded its Application Store’s content to include apps for Canada and the United Kingdom.  Small businesses in Canada now have over 120 apps tailored for them, representing diverse industries like Cleaning, Inspections, Retail, Construction and Automotive to Hospitality and Fuel Suppliers. These apps include the ability to calculate HST, PST and GST to value lists with Province names preloaded and metric units used where applicable, among other features.  Visit the GoCanvas Canadian Application Store to find an app just for your business.

Small businesses in the United Kingdom now have over 75 apps designed for them, from Automotive, Construction, Retail, Marine and Locksmith apps, to Business Security, Pest Control and Hospitality.  Similar to Canada, these apps have been tailored for UK taxation, measurements, addresses and several other areas.  Visit the GoCanvas UK Application Store to find an app for your business.

For all international users, GoCanvas has just launched multiple date formats.  The new date formats include “MM/DD/YYYY” or “DD/MM/YYYY” or “YYYY/DD/MM.”  You can quickly change any app’s date format by logging onto GoCanvas, clicking on My Apps, click Edit, then Save & Launch Designer, then click on the date field.  Once the date screen pops up, click “Advanced” and you will see a drop-down menu that shows all the new date formats available.  Select the one you prefer and you’re all set.

If you don’t see an app for your Canadian or UK business, or if you have a paper form or process you would like turned into an app, check out our easy-to-use App Builder.  Click HERE to start your free trial.