GoCanvas Envisions Mobile Apps Replacing NHSN Data Collection Forms

By Michael Benedict on April 20, 2012

CDC Mobile Apps with canvas

The National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) provides medical facilities with very helpful Patient Safety and Healthcare National Healtcare Safety Network Mobile AppsPersonnel Safety Forms.  While these Forms are critical, let’s be honest – they are tedious to complete on the best of days.  GoCanvas took a look at these forms and decided to offer medical facilities a new way to complete them.  Imagine this.  Instead of printing the PDFs off the CDC website, making copies, using a pen and clipboard to fill them out, then filing them in a metal drawer somewhere,  envision yourself having all these forms right on nearly any CDC Mobile Apps with canvassmartphone or tablet, being able to fill them out digitially, then securely storing them on a HIPPA-certified server.  Illegible handwriting? Gone. Lost Patient Safety Component Form? A thing of the past. Dry ink pen and clipboard?  In the dustbin.

GoCanvas is pleased to announce the launch of NHSN Patient & Healthcare Personnel Safety Apps. These are mobile app versions of the NHSN’s paper forms including the Healthcare Personnel Safety Component Facility Survey, Healthcare Worker Influenza Vaccinations, MDRO or CDI Infection Events, Pre-Season Survey on Influenza Vaccination Programs for Healthcare Personnel and many, many others.

You can complete these Forms on almost any smartphone, tablet and Windows desktop, giving you far more options for how you fill out these forms.  And just like the paper form versions, these apps can be easily customized to meet the specific data collection requirements of your medical facility.

Need something more than NHSN Data Collection Forms?  GoCanvas has an entire library of Healthcare & Life Sciences Apps, and is adding more every week.  New to GoCanvas?  Watch a quick 60-second video that explains our service.  You can Sign Up for a 30-day Free Trial (no obligation or credit card required).  You’ll get full use of the product FREE during your trial.