GoCanvas Is Growing! Doubles Our Mobile App Representative Team and More

By James W Quigley on March 16, 2012

Canvas Mobile Apps Growing

Thanks to the amazing support of our subscriber community – GoCanvas has and continues to experience amazing growth.  In line with that we continue to expand our inside team who are there to help get our subscribers up and going, getting the most out of the GoCanvas experience.  In fact we have doubled the GoCanvas Application Representative team in just the last month. 

Application Representatives

Need help getting up and going with GoCanvas?  We don't shy away from being there to support your needs.  There are some easy ways to get in touch with us.

1) Come to our web site and “hover” on a page.  One of our application representatives will pop up to offer you some help via chat.  We are looking to expand our hours of support for this service.  In most cases you can expect someone to be available from 9-6 EST.  Via chat we can direct you through our site, even take pictures of the concerns you are experiencing. 

2) In the United States or Canada: Give us a call!  1-866-242-9334  If you need voice support overseas – via our online chat service we can link up to you via our unique Call Me Now feature.

Tracking our Growth

GoCanvas growth continues to gain the interest of the press and even industry analysts now.  Here are some of the metrics we are most proud of:  

  • If GoCanvas submissions were three part forms – to date we would have replaced over 6 tons of paper… most of that in the last 6 months. 
  • GoCanvas is launching multiple new content application store partners every week now, and the GoCanvas application store now has over 2,000 applications.   Our application store has and will continue to double in size every quarter! 

GoCanvas has and will continue to expand out the features of our service.  Our most exciting features to date, are very close to launching…  some of these will completely change the way you look at collecting and sharing data your organization collects.