Dispatch Feature Enables Businesses to Assign Jobs To Field Workers with Pre-Filled Customer Forms

By christina croll on May 28, 2013

Reston, VA – May 29, 2013 – GoCanvas, a global leader in mobile apps for businesses, today announced Dispatch, a new feature enabling businesses to more efficiently assign jobs to field workers by pre-populating GoCanvas mobile apps with the customer information they need to provide service to the customer, and quickly move on to the next job location. 

Business of all sizes that receive customer calls and service requests face a shared challenge: Mobile workers dispatched to the customer site must often enter the same customer information over and over again, in turn prolonging the time spent at the customer premises. With the GoCanvas Dispatch feature, businesses can more effectively assign jobs (i.e. – dispatches) by pre-populating mobile forms with customer information – such as name, address, and service request – that is easily accessible to workers in the field using GoCanvas mobile business apps on smartphones and tablet devices. 

“At GoCanvas, we are fanatical about developing new features and functionality to help our customers improve productivity and reduce their reliance on paper,” said James Quigley, co-founder and chief executive office at GoCanvas. “Whether it is a roofer servicing a home or a technician installing an office phone system, Dispatch is a true game-changer for businesses as it allows mobile workers to spend less time on data entry and more time providing exceptional customer service.”

Key benefits of Dispatch include:

  • Accelerate and improve on-site customer service experience – Businesses can queue up pre-filled dispatches in advance, or send them out in real-time as customer service schedules change. Field workers can arrive on-site with important data in hand, and then fill out the rest of the GoCanvas app capturing information about the work they completed. 
  • Enable real-time data sharing – Once data is updated at the customer site, it can be emailed to the customer – or back to the office, where it can be viewed by clicking on “Dispatch” to access the “Dispatch Manager” or via the “Submissions” area.
  • Easy to dispatch jobs Jobs can be dispatched via a web interface on the GoCanvas website (ideal for assigning jobs on a small scale) or in bulk by uploading a CSV file. Business users can also utilize WebServices to push dispatches automatically to GoCanvas from a business’ own system.

GoCanvas has established itself as one the fastest growing mobile business app stores in the world, with thousands of organizations leveraging the GoCanvas app store to replace cumbersome paper forms with highly customizable mobile business apps that work on nearly every smartphone and tablet on the market. GoCanvas also offers a do-it-yourself app builder toolkit that enables non-technical users to build mobile apps in minutes. 

The Dispatch feature is included with all GoCanvas pricing plans, and is currently available on Android, Apple (iPhone/iPad), and the Windows desktop versions of GoCanvas. For additional information on Dispatch and how it works, visit here


About Canvas

GoCanvas is an easy, fast and economical way for businesses to find, customize and create mobile apps to replace paper forms. GoCanvas is a cloud-based software service that enables users to collect information using mobile devices, share that information and integrate with existing backend systems. GoCanvas also offers the first mobile business application store of its kind, allowing businesses from diverse industries to find mobile apps specific to their needs. GoCanvas apps work on Android,- Blackberry, BlackBerry Playbook, iPhone, iPad, and Windows mobile/desktop devices. Every GoCanvas app is customizable by the end user and can incorporate such functionality as GPS, image capture, barcode scanning, electronic signatures and access to business lists such as parts catalogs and patient records. To date, GoCanvas has automated millions of manual processes and replaced over 26 tons of paper for businesses, making it one of the fastest growing mobile app services in the world. To learn more, visit http://www.GoCanvas.com.