GoCanvas Delivers for Trucking Company: Replaces Pre-Trip and Inspection Forms with GoCanvas

By andy adams on March 29, 2012

Canvas Delivers for Trucking Company

All Phase Unlimited, a trucking company based out of New York has implemented GoCanvas Mobile Apps on their Android Smartphones to automate their fleet.

Previously, drivers had to fill out forms to track activity and vehicle inspection, both pre and post trip.  Now, drivers simply open up GoCanvas on their Androids and complete the preloaded forms throughout their workday.  Through this use of GoCanvas they have been able to not only ensure all safety checks were being made, but also track the mileage each vehicle was accruing during the day.  This information is sent instantly to the company’s online GoCanvas account where submissions can be viewed on command. 

Through GoCanvas, this All Phase Unlimited has been able to both reduce paper use and communicate key information more efficiently!

Using GoCanvas mobile apps to automate workforces and eliminate redundancies is becoming more and more popular.  Take a look at the prebuilt templates we have available in our Application Store to find apps to improve your business processes today!

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