GoCanvas Announces its Sponsorship of the Business Forms Management Association

By James W Quigley on May 16, 2011

BFMA Sponsor - Canvas

Reston, VA & Lincoln, NE:   GoCanvas and the Business Forms Management Association (BFMA) announced today Canvas’s sponsorship of the Association and Canvas’s participation in the BFMA’s Annual Symposium on May 16th-19th in Baltimore, Maryland.  

 “BFMA is excited to welcome GoCanvas as one of our newest Bronze Sponsors. We are so fortunate to collaborate and receive the support of such a progressive, forward thinking company. GoCanvas provides easy to implement, cost effective mobile data collection solutions. BFMA is looking forward to utilizing GoCanvas Mobile Business Apps to reduce manual data entry and paper usage at our upcoming events and to provide convenience and flexibility to our members,” stated Stacey Sell, Executive Director of the BFMA.

 Canvas’s CEO, James Quigley will be presenting at the Annual Symposium regarding the future of business forms in a session entitled “From Ink to iPad”.  The collection of data by a work force on traditional paper based forms is shrinking and being replaced by alternative digital means.  E-forms used to mean just desk top / web based forms but with the explosive growth of smartphones and tablets organizations are more than ever looking to mobile devices to further connect with their customers, partners and employees.   With the ability to collect data impossible with paper forms or even traditional e-forms such as GPS, image capture and more the momentum to replace traditional data collection processes has never moved faster. 

GoCanvas will be providing a real demonstration at the annual BFMA symposium allowing attendees to rate individual sessions and the event as a whole all in real time from their smartphone or tablet.   The BFMA will also be providing commonly utilized BFMA forms as GoCanvas mobile apps via BFMA’s new mobile form center within the GoCanvas Mobile Application Store.  Interested users can visit www.GoCanvas.com/BFMA.

“That mobile applications have value in a forms context is unassailable – in-the-field polling, medical diagnostics, and sales order-taking are just some of the many possible uses,” says Steve Weissman, Executive Director of the Boston-based consultancy Holly Group and BFMA Director of Education. “They also stand to be Exhibit A in the infiltration of consumer technology into the business world, almost guaranteeing instant adoption by users and could emerge as the Next Big Thing.”

“The BFMA is a fantastic forum for forms and business process professionals to learn more about where the data collection industry is heading.  GoCanvas is proud to be a sponsor of the BFMA and help tell our story on how the future of mobile business apps is also the future of organizations who use or create forms,” stated James Quigley CEO.

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About Canvas

GoCanvas makes it easy to publish data collection apps on smartphones and tablets as well as other devices such laptops, netbooks and bar code scanning devices. GoCanvas reduces paper consumption, redundant data entry, and excess processes for businesses and mobile professionals. The GoCanvas software service enables mobile professionals to collect information using their mobile devices, analyze that data on the GoCanvas website and share information across their business community. GoCanvas also offers the first mobile business application store of its kind allowing business users to find mobile applications that work on a wide variety of mobile devices, with every application being customizable by GoCanvas users. To date GoCanvas has automated over 100,000 manual processes/paper forms making it one of the fastest growing mobile app services for businesses.    To learn more visit www.GoCanvas.com.

About the Business Forms Management Association

Founded in 1958, BFMA, or the Business Forms Management Association is a nonprofit international organization of professionals committed to forms and business process improvement. BFMA addresses the unique educational and networking needs of forms professionals and the forms community. With today’s technology, the forms function has broadened in scope to include everything from traditional paper forms to electronic data capture to mobile data collection applications. Even after all these years, you still won’t find such form-focused resources available from any other group.  To learn more visit www.BFMA.org.


James Quigley

Stacey Sell