GoCanvas 3.3 Released

By Chris Morrisette on May 12, 2011

The GoCanvas team is proud to announce that GoCanvas 3.3 has been released.  This version of GoCanvas will make it even easier for your company to go green and remove paper forms from your daily life.  We have a number of improvements to help make data capture on iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry easier than ever. 

iPhone and iPad – GPS Capture

With this new release of GoCanvas, we have brought GPS capture capabilities to the iPad and iPhone.  It is now extremely simple to perform tasks such as recording where workers are in the field or the location of a customer using just an iPhone or iPad.

iPad GPS Capture Example

Android – On Device Sign Up

We have made it even easier for our Android users to get started using GoCanvas.  We now have the ability for users to sign up for GoCanvas directly from their Android mobile device.

Android GoCanvas Sign Up

Auto-email Customizations

GoCanvas gives our customers the ability to auto e-mail generated PDFs to specific addresses.  With the new release of GoCanvas, the automated e-mails can be customized to contain captured information.  The areas that can be customized are the name of the PDF attachment, the subject line of the generated e-mail or the body of the generated e-mail.  An example of how this would be used is, when sending an invoice to a customer “John Doe” – the subject line of the generated e-mail contains “John Doe” in addition to the name of the attached PDF.

PDF Email Images

Android – Ability to Save and Continue 

The latest release on Android gives our customers the ability to save a submission while they are working on it and continue from that exact location.

Android – Image Upload Defaults

The latest release on Android allows our customers to specify non-interactive rules for what should be done with images.  An example of this, would be the ability to set that all images should be deleted after upload, or that all images should be saved after uploading without prompting the user – which can help increase efficiency of mobile workers.  

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