GoCanvas 3.1 Released – Improved Mobile Data Collection for your iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android

By Chris Morrisette on March 4, 2011

The GoCanvas team is proud to announce that GoCanvas 3.1 has been released.  With GoCanvas 3.1, we have numerous improvements to the GoCanvas Android client, allowing for better image capture capabilities, ability to save work in-process and stability improvements.  In addition, GoCanvas now gives you more control over the size and data contained within generated PDF documents.

New Feature – Save Submission

The GoCanvas Android client now allows for you to save submissions while they are in process.  To do this, just hit the menu button while working on a submission and one of the options presented will be “Save”.  Once a submission has been saved, the next time you open the app, you will be prompted to open previously saved submissions or start a new one.  In the screenshot below, the save button can be seen towards the bottom of the image.

Canvas Save Submission

New Feature – Android Image Capture Improvements

The GoCanvas Android client now allows for you to launch a camera with more fine grained controls over the pictures taken.  This includes the ability to set camera resolution, use the flash, and take advantage of other camera capabilities specific to the hardware that GoCanvas is running on.  In addition, with this latest release of GoCanvas, users can browse their device for images to upload – which can be helpful if a user already has the image stored on their device.

New Feature – PDF Enhancements

GoCanvas allows you to convert data submitted from your iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device into a PDF.  In listening to our customers, we have improved this conversion into a PDF to allow our users to set what font size they want the generated PDF to use, and set various conditions for excluding data from the PDF.  In the screenshot below, you can see some of the options available for determining when data is included in the PDF.

PDF Options

Bug Fix – Stability Improvements For Android

Under certain conditions the GoCanvas client for Android could crash when in the background for a long time or when not enough memory was available on the device.  Canvas on Android has now been updated to better handle these scenarios.

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