GoCanvas 2.9.0 Released – Feature Improvements Make It Easier To Go Mobile

By Chris Morrisette on December 8, 2010

The GoCanvas team is proud to announce that GoCanvas 2.9.0 has been released.  This release was focused on feature improvements within our website to help you go paperless with your Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Android device.

New Feature – Time Selection For Data Export

When exporting data that has been uploaded from your Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device from the GoCanvas website, you now have the ability to choose what data to export down to the minute.  In the past we only let our customers export data for a specific twenty four hour period.  In the screenshot below, the new time selector can be seen at the bottom.

Canvas time selector

New Feature – Ability To Exclude Fields From PDF and Online View

Data uploaded to GoCanvas from a Windows Mobile, Android or BlackBerry device can be converted into a PDF or viewed online.  Customers have provided feedback that it would be desirable to prevent certain fields from being included in the PDF or online view.  In listening to that feedback, we have improved the GoCanvas App Builder to allow you to dictate that a certain field shouldn't appear in the PDF or online view.  The below screenshot shows how to set those fields.

Canvas Field Visibility

New Feature – Saving On-Device Creation Date

Data uploaded to GoCanvas from an Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device could be uploaded at a significantly different time than it was entered on the device.  An example scenario where this can occur is if a GoCanvas user is out of coverage for several hours – GoCanvas will continue to work, but will only be able to upload captured data once the user is back in coverage.  GoCanvas users can now discover the time that the data was captured on the device as a new data field contained in the CSV export.

Updated Look And Feel Compatibility

The GoCanvas website has been updated to be more friendly with devices that don't support flash.

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If you have any questions about the latest GoCanvas release or need help replacing paper based forms with a Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Android device, please don't hesitate to contact us.