Canvas 2.7.1 Released – Go paperless using your BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile

By Chris Morrisette on October 25, 2010

Version 2.7.1 of GoCanvas has been released and comes with a number of features to make it easier for our customers to get rid of paper based forms and go green using their BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile device.  The main highlights of this new release are:

Integrated Online Help Center

We have updated and improved our online help system to be more robust, categorized and searchable.  In addition, the help center will suggest potential help topics while using GoCanvas – which can help answer questions or provide information while you are using the site.  Some of our existing customers don’t even realize how powerful GoCanvas is, until they see inline articles discussing topics such as:

Needless to say, the GoCanvas team is excited to make it easier for our customers to find out about these features.  To access the new help center, click here.

Performance Improvements

We have also improved our website to utilize better compression and consolidation of resources, which will make using our site from your browser a much speedier experience.

Bug Fixes

We are constantly listening to our customers and try to quickly resolve any issues that pop up.  Included in this release is a minor fix for our BlackBerry client when using reference data, in addition to a server side fix to prevent race conditions when multiple payloads are being uploaded simultaneously.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the latest GoCanvas release or need help replacing paper based forms with a Windows Mobile, BlackBerry or Android device, please don’t hesitate to contact us.