GPS Capture Using Your Android Or BlackBerry – GoCanvas 2.11 Released

By Chris Morrisette on February 10, 2011

Canvas GPS

The GoCanvas team is proud to announce our latest release  offering another round of exciting feature upgrades to our powerful and flexible self serve mobile business application service.  With this release, Canvas has added GPS location as a standard feature selection within the GoCanvas Palette allowing our subscribers the ability to capture and insert your current location into any one of your Canvas custom or downloaded GoCanvas Application Store Mobile Apps.  This feature will work on all GoCanvas supported Android devices including Android Tablets as well as select BlackBerry devices.  

Using GoCanvas you can now insert a GPS captured location into any GoCanvas Mobile App and once captured visualize that  location on a map that is diplayed on the auto-generated PDF created by GoCanvas.  The raw latitude and longitude data can also be downloaded for later integration into any other mapping solution.  This opens up limitless possibilities for our GoCanvas subscribers, from tracking where a work order was performed, to validating that an employee visited the correct location, to geotagging where scientific data was collected.

GPS can be captured using a standard Android Smartphone, or an Android tablet device such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  This feature is also suppored on select BlackBerry* devices where GPS is unlocked by that Carrier.  Since access to the GPS unit and reliability of coordinates captured can be dependent upon the hardware, please make sure to test GPS capture on all device types and carriers you expect to use GoCanvas on.

To use GPS capture with GoCanvas, just drag the GPS control onto your GoCanvas application and then click the GPS control on your mobile device to capture the current latitude and longitude where you are located.

Below is an example of what the new GPS control within the GoCanvas App Builder looks like on the palette:

Canvas GPS Control

Below is an example of GPS being captured on an Android device:

Android GPS Capture

Below is an example of one way to visualize the submitted GPS coordinates, which also provides a link to jump out into Google Maps.

Canvas GPS Visualization

*Currently GoCanvas GPS does not work on certain Verizon BlackBerry devices.  Carriers on certain BlackBerry devices may lock down GPS.   We are working on making GoCanvas available on the widest variety of devices supported by GoCanvas. In the meantime if you have a carrier or device where GoCanvas GPS doesn’t work please contact us.   

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If you have any questions about the latest GoCanvas release or how to use GPS capture with your Android or BlackBerry device, please don’t hesitate to contact us.