Calculate ROI for Deploying an Enterprise Mobility Solution like GoCanvas

By James W Quigley on January 12, 2011

GoCanvas can help save money for our subscribers in many key areas of their business.  Many of our clients actually have found that GoCanvas is in many cases less than the cost of the paper forms they are purchasing.   We can help you calculate those savings for you via our GoCanvas ROI Tool, which can be downloaded below and will soon be available as a web based tool.    

Hard vs. Soft Savings

Typically our subscriber's find savings grouped into what is defined as Hard and Soft savings. 

Hard savings are those items that are immediate, tangible and typically are those saving that can be calculated.  Typically hard savings are seen the moment GoCanvas is deployed.   The hard savings linked to Canvas include:

  • The cost of the paper GoCanvas replaces
  • The productivity savings possible with GoCanvas for having to hand re-enter data collected and transcribed from paper based forms into back office systems
  • The productivity saving possible for mobile workers having to look up items in price books, parts catalogs etc.. versus having it in the palm of their hands via GoCanvas.   

Soft savings are those savings seen by an organization that are either harder to calculate or may represent different levels of value based on the organization it is serving.  These savings, areas of impact can be very important for an organization and need to be considered by any company deploying GoCanvas.   Soft savings associated with Canvas include:

  • The reduction of errors from transcribing paper forms.  Paper forms can be hard to read.. imagine reducing those errors and therefore reducing errors in billing, parts delivered, inventory quantities, customer information etc..
  • The value/savings possible when a back office gets information from the field… real time.   This impact will be different by company and by type of GoCanvas application.   For an organization collecting sales orders, or for a company that bills for services upon receipt of the order in the back office reducing the Days Sales Outstanding (or the time between the delivery of a service or good and when the company receives or pays the bill) can be impacted by using GoCanvas. Imagine billing within moments of the service being completed.  
  • The ability for a company to help in their efforts to Go Green. 
  • The value of having up to date catalogs, prices lists, medical records (Canvas Reference Data) available in the mobile worker's hands.   This data can change often affecting how you bill or charge a client, by having up to date data in the palm of a mobile users hands. 
  • Many organizations carry around GPS devices for recording locations, or cameras to take pictures of items they are servicing… with GoCanvas you can combine the capabilities of your phone and collect this information right with in your GoCanvas application.  Saving your time, effort and complexity. 

Find out yourself… how much GoCanvas can save you: