Business News Round up 2/1/14

By katie simpson on February 1, 2014
Tags: Tech News

When did February get here? If it seemed to fly by you, then the news might have too. Here are our picks from the past week. 

1. 5 Ways Your Phone Will Change Your Life Over the Next Decade

The changes happening from mobile technology is only beginning (source)

The past 5-7 years have meant a massive change in our relationships with our phones. It seems though, this is only beginning. This great article on LinkedIn explains how our phones are going to continue to integrate with our lives even further.

2. Want a Mentor For Your Business? Look for these 3 Qualities

If you’re looking to grow or get advice in your business, this Mashable article can help you navigate the waters of good and bad mentors. My personal favorite quality? Honesty. 

3. How to Know When You’ve Outgrown Your Home Office

As your business grows, it can be hard to tell when you’re ready to make big transitions. Moving offices, or leaping into one, is just as important. These signs will let you know you deserve a room with a view. 

4. Google Still Wins By Selling Motorola Cheap 

Selling something for a 10 Billion dollar loss seems like a huge loss for Google. Wired‘s Marcus Wohlsen explains why there are other ways to judge this sale. 

5. The LinkedIn Settings Mistakes Most People Still Make

We’re all trying to put our best professional foot forward with LinkedIn. Cheryl Conner gives some helpful tips that will keep you from putting your foot in your mouth by mistake. 

6. Is Coin the One Payment Card to Rule Them All?

With all the hubbub about BitCoin, this article from CIO explains what Bitcoin can and can’t do in the marketplace. Get beyond the buzz to what tech is really at play. 

What did you read this week? Let us know!