Business Apps: The Solution for Paper Insanity

By josh matheny on November 1, 2013

Sometimes people ask me who our biggest competitor is. It’s a great question with an unexpected answer. Our largest competitor would be the status-quo or, just sticking with paper forms.

Let’s face it, staying with paper is easier: it’s more familiar and it works. Worse, shifting to a new process means research, investing in a new product, and spending time implementing it. Choosing a new process means an investment of your time, energy and money.

Yet, in the digital age, there are solutions to improve your organization. One great switch is a mobile app for data collection. Better data gives you insight into how to strengthen your business: improving products, streamlining processes, or a better understanding of your customers. Great data collection can make your business go from sustaining itself to new growth.  

While paper has been used for centuries, we all know its pitfalls. Paper is easy to damage and lose. You can’t add photos, or do calculations easily. Reading other people’s handwriting? Impossible. Storing all that paper takes up precious space in your office too. Don’t forget the job everyone loves, data entry!

Mobile apps blasts away these issues. Your data is secure in one central storage area easy to search and read. Expand your forms to include calculations, GPS, or photos. Mobile apps include customizable printouts, and the option to export data directly into Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. That’s right, enter the information once, and data entry is done.

Some mobile apps, like GoCanvas, allow you to streamline your organization even further by connecting submissions to specific programs like QuickBooks. Imagine, you meet with a customer, and write up the invoice on site. Your information uploads to the cloud, immediately integrates with your QuickBooks, and sends out the invoice. Your invoicing process just went from hours to minutes.

This integration can be set up in the same way for a multitude of other services. Sure, paper works, but who loves dealing with forms, data entry and storage? Lose the hassle and save yourself money with mobile apps. The only regret you’ll have is why you waited so long to switch.

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